News: Sidebar Podcast ep. 1: BK Fischer

I'm excited to announce that a project-in-development is now live! At the Modern Language Studies website, you can find our new fiction and poetry podcast, The Sidebar. For our inaugural episode, I met the poet, editor, and critic BK Fischer at the New York Public Library. Fischer and I talked about her poems in MLS, which perform a feminist... Continue Reading →


News: Review of Minae Mizumura’s INHERITANCE FROM MOTHER at Necessary Fiction!

My review of Minae Mizumura's Inheritance from Mother is now up at Necessary Fiction! You can catch the review here.  Small teaser: Mizumura's heartrending novel about mothers, daughters, and familial duty comes to us in Juliet Carpenter Winters' breathtaking translation. The book was released by Other Press this May. And just as important: you can order Inheritance from... Continue Reading →

Literary News: Harper Lee’s Secret Manuscript

By now, I'm sure you've all heard the news that the ever-reclusive Harper Lee is set to publish a second novel entitled Go Set a Watchman. It's a thrilling announcement for the literary community, with both Facebook and Twitter thrumming with the announcement. So far, though, I've seen little comment on the secret history of Lee's second... Continue Reading →

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