The Book We Need Isn’t Orwell’s 1984

Orwell's 1984 may provide us with a vocabulary for critiquing the Trump administration. "Double speak," "thought police": these and other turns of phrase explain the peculiar and insidious ways in which Trump is gaslighting America. (This is a phenomenon that Lauren Duca has explained, incisively, in Teen Vogue.) And while we need 1984's lexicon of authoritarianism, it's not... Continue Reading →

Jim Harrison, and a Few Thoughts on the Novella

During the past few years, March has inevitably been a month of extensive travel. This year is no different. Last week, I was in Hartford, CT, for the NeMLA conference; now, I'm in New Jersey, for a reading I'll be giving Tuesday in Montclair State's Live Literature series; and next weekend (April 1st-2nd), I'll be returning... Continue Reading →

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