The Book We Need Isn’t Orwell’s 1984

Orwell's 1984 may provide us with a vocabulary for critiquing the Trump administration. "Double speak," "thought police": these and other turns of phrase explain the peculiar and insidious ways in which Trump is gaslighting America. (This is a phenomenon that Lauren Duca has explained, incisively, in Teen Vogue.) And while we need 1984's lexicon of authoritarianism, it's not... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forgive: A Reaction to the Shooting at Emanuel A.M.E.

Six days have lapsed since Dylann Roof committed what I will only refer to as a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism: the calculated murder of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. While the events were unfolding, I was copyediting a special cluster of academic articles, which studied the ways... Continue Reading →

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