Emoter-in-Chief: Presidential Tears as Argument for Gun Control

I had intended to re-start the blog this year by writing about my 2015 in reading, complete with the pie charts and graphs you would expect from a former political science major. But let's be honest: Roxane Gay's list is far more interesting than what I would've written. So let's turn to something more current:... Continue Reading →

Caped Tigers and Red Cups, or Why Symbols Are Worth Getting Right

Recently, I've been following two stories about so-called "political correctness," or—as I prefer to think of it—(a.) basic human dignity and (b.) basic awareness of what our symbols say. I'm referring specifically to my alma mater Susquehanna University's recent decision to jettison its offensive mascot and the Internet's furor over Starbucks' holiday cups. In both... Continue Reading →

On Freedom and Patriotism

I've recently been binge watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and yesterday—in one of those inexplicable accidents of perfect timing—I watched the episodes in which Oliver takes on predator drones and interviews Edward Snowden. The segment on Snowden, which also covered the dangers of renewing the PATRIOT Act, reveals in stark detail just how... Continue Reading →

Thoughts at the Public Library

Despite my best intentions, my blog has been quiet over the past few months. Sitting on the second storey of the Alexandria Public Library, I find myself considering this silence as I looked to the street below. Occasionally, a car blurs by. Tree branches bow in the breeze. The day has been cool and breezy, a necessary respite... Continue Reading →

Literary News: Harper Lee’s Secret Manuscript

By now, I'm sure you've all heard the news that the ever-reclusive Harper Lee is set to publish a second novel entitled Go Set a Watchman. It's a thrilling announcement for the literary community, with both Facebook and Twitter thrumming with the announcement. So far, though, I've seen little comment on the secret history of Lee's second... Continue Reading →

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